Mike Carter's KR 1 Project
Freeland, Mi. USA

These first 2 pictures are not pictures of my KR-1 airplane (mine is pictured below) however these 2 pictures are what a KR-1 looks like finished and sporting the 17' wingspan. 

The second picture shows a KR-1B wearing the 27' wingspan.  The 27' wingspan classifies the airplane as a "motor glider"

The wings are removable and it's trailerable.  It can be powered by a small air cooled Volkswagen engine.  The plans for these airplanes have been available since 1972!

With the purchase of an optional set of outer wing plans, from Rand Robinson, the  KR-1 can be converted to the KR-1B  with no changes to the fuselage, just bolt on the longer outer wing panels and you have a KR-1B (motor-glider)

You can look at the specs of the airplane HERE
You can purchase KR kits, plans and parts at NvAreo HERE
Interact with other KR builders and learn how to build it at the invaluable KRnet website HERE

This is a KR-1 with the 17 foot wingspan. Pretty bad-ass huh!  The landing gear are retractable.

Here's a KR-1B with the 27 foot wingspan.

Mike Carter's KR 1 Project

I bought it on ebay on 01/27/11 and picked it up on 01/31/11 in Williamsport, Ohio.  some of these are pictures the seller had posted on ebay, the pictures with snow in the background are ones that I took when I got the plane home. The airplane looks a little dirty but that's because it has about 30 years of dust on it. First order of business is a thorough cleaning and inspection.

This picture was taken on the day that I bought the airplane. That's me on the left


This is the fellow who built the airplane up to this point.  He is no longer with us.

This is information I found  when I googled " Captain Cecil Haycraft Pennsacola Fl "

This information is from the vpnavy website ( - http://www.vpnavy.com/vp92_notice.html
 NOTICE: "...I am looking for anyone that may have served with a certain Cecil Ray Haycraft. He joined the Navy in 1930 and served through the late 1950's. He was an ACMM during WW2, and retired as a LCDR. He died in 1981. From what I've found, he served with VP-3 in NAS Coco Solo, Panama, Canal Zone in the late 30's. During WW2, he served with VP-73 as a plane captain, VB-105 as "Assistant Engineer", and HEDRON 5 in "Engineering". At the end of the War, through his retirement, he served with FAW-5, VP-51 and VP-92" at their Headquarters (not quite sure what that means, but that's what I've found.) I believe he participated transporting PBY's to the Soviet Union in 1944/45. If anyone may have served with him, or perhaps has them on a crew roster, a picture of him, knows about the lend-lease program to the Russians- I'm looking for any information you can give me! Appreciate the help!...LT Dave Schwind fco@laboon.navy.mil..." [14NOV2002] )

The turtle deck.

Seat cushions.

This piece came with the plane and I have no idea what it is.

These are the original retractable landing gear,

These pictures are what the airplane looked like on the day that I bought it.  One thing is for sure, it needs a good cleaning, When I bought the airplane it did not come with the original plans, however I was able to purchase a new set of plans from Steve Glover HERE at his company nVaero.

Mike Carter's KR 1 Project - Purchase date 01/27/11

I spent 2 weeks cleaning 30 years of dust off of it 
I spent the next 13 months studying about how to build it.

These are new pictures that I took after cleaning it thoroughly. Initial Cleaning and Inspection Pictures

These are links to the individual webpages (this is a work in progress and pictures will be added as work progresses)

Instrument Panel
Wing Stubs
Landing Gear
Turtle Deck

Outer Wings
Builders Hours Log


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