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Open valley with cracks

The starter shingle and the first shingle were not stagered

You can see the drip edge in the rain groove, water leaks out from behind the gutter and fascia.

Shingle damage

Shingle repair

T Loc shingles with wind damage

Example of a closed valley

Example of a "open valley" that has deteriorated valley material (roll roofing). The shingles are still in good shape, this valley can be replaced.

This valley was improperly installed and rotted out the roof deck below it.

Chimney and wall flashed incorrectly.

Chimney and wall flashed incorrectly.

This chimney was flashed incorectly

Here's the chimney and wall after it has been flashed correctly.

Looks like this plastic roof vent was not only installed wrong, but is also looks like it might have been damaged by hail.

Pipe collars like this one shouldn't need to be flashed with tar

Re-roof with Certianteed Independance

House shingled with T-Loc shingles

Asphalt shingles curling up.

Certianteed Independance Burnt Siena.

Chimney flashing before

Chimney flashing before

Chimney flashing after

Chimney flashing after

Skylight flashing improperly inslalled.

Preparing skylight for installation of new step flashing.

Installation of new step flashing on skylight.

Old skylight flashing removed

Finished skylight

Finished skylight repair.

Shingled with GAF 30 year 3 in 1 shingles.

Soil pipe collar preperation

3 inch soil pipe collar

Pipe collar lifting up.

Shingle roof in felt paper

Shingle samples


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